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Next-gen business intelligence platform.

UMatch Analytics platform - a BI platform with 'deep algorithm' based on the principles of Cyber intelligence methodologies, Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence).

Wer'e creating & mapping different Ecosystems all around the Hi-Tech world. We define the players, the rules and find the right match for you.

Cyber Methodologies

Unique cyber intelligence methodologies and technological tools for the business and marketing world in order to create very accurate business connections for companies.

AI and Machine Learning

UMatch analytics has artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms that creates a business synergy network map that understands and learn the market eco-system profiles, business motivations and up to date needs and produces day to day business insights , recommendations and matching results.

Smart BI Platform

Based on the abilities of our BI platform that contains machine learning and AI algorithm methods. Actionable reports that contains industry trends & sectors analysis, intent analysis, industry fit, network matching, competitive landscapes, etc.

Automatic Data Collection

Our crawlers collects automated Intel from various data sources, In order to create goal-oriented business insights and clear defined metrics, that are tailored to the business motivations of each and every company.

The Human Touch

Our data team experts provide manual data validation,curation and scan for anomalies inside the data. The team also analyzes key interconnections in data to develop company deep algorithms, and provide valuable insights.

The UMatch Team

Golan Malka
Co-Founder & CEO
Alon Shtern
Chief Data Scientist
Elena Fedorchenko
QA & Analyst
Tal Meged
BI & Data Analyst
Danielle Lotan
Sales & Marketing

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